BeeGFS Alternative and Comparison

What is BeeGFS?

BeeGFS is an open-source, parallel file system that was envisioned to be an easier-to-use alternative to common HPC file systems. With a focus on high performance, BeeGFS followed the route of many HPC file systems and relegated redundancy and availability to dated hardware solutions like RAID controllers.

BeeGFS vs. Quobyte: How they compare

Quobyte is a parallel distributed file system that stores data and metadata redundantly across machines to provide scale-out high performance with high availability and automatic failover. Unlike BeeGFS, Quobyte does not require downtime when a machine or disk fails. All tasks like updates or re-configuration are non-disruptive.

More Efficient Storage With Quobyte

Quobyte combines high performance with exceptional reliability. You can serve multiple HPC storage types from the same Quobyte cluster, such as home directories and scratch, reducing your cost and storage administration overhead.



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Quobyte empowers customers by providing real software storage so that they can keep up with the ever-increasing amounts of data in today’s data-driven world.