Dell EMC Isilon / Power Scale Alternative and Comparison

What is Dell EMC Isilon / PowerScale

Isilon is a scale-out NAS appliance solution developed over 20 years ago by Isilon and later by Dell EMC. The solution has recently been renamed to PowerScale.
Isilon was the first scalable enterprise storage solution. It is built around access over the dated NFS protocol, which introduces severe scalability limitations to the product.
Data protection is achieved with Erasure Coding across nodes, which leads to good space efficiency. However, the data protection with EC makes this product less suitable for small file workloads or random IO applications.

Isilon vs. Quobyte: How they compare

One of the most important differences is the deployment model: Isilon/PowerScale is an appliance, which means you are limited to the hardware offered by Dell EMC at a premium. In addition, you can only deploy Isilon/PowerScale in environments where you can place physical hardware.
Quobyte is a modern software-only solution that runs on any x86 server or the public clouds. You can deploy Quobyte on inexpensive commodity servers and drives anywhere as well as on the public clouds or a hybrid mix. Quobyte runs wherever your business needs to be, including the edge.



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Quobyte empowers customers by providing real software storage so that they can keep up with the ever-increasing amounts of data in today’s data-driven world.